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Design series of vinyl siding, which combines the quality of Döcke and a great natural appearance. The basis of this series is the technology of deep offset printing on the hot surface of vinyl siding. The texture pattern creates an imitation of natural wood, which makes the siding of this series almost indistinguishable from a natural wood.
Lux Series
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Döcke LUX siding is a premium designer siding series. Panels designed as a natural stone are produced by extrusion method with the subsequent thermoforming. The series includes two collections: BERGART, which imitates natural stone in Flemish masonry, and the new ROCKY collection, with a layered sandstone texture.
Lux Series
High-quality series of Docke vinyl siding, which has become a kind of a standard on the market, which is constantly, but unsuccessfully, competitors are trying to copy. Unsuccessfully, because the main secret of Döcke siding is its quality and reputation. It was this series that in due time was deservedly awarded with such high awards as "EFFI" and the "National brand"
Premium Series
STANDARD Series siding - Classics without excesses and unnesessary "bells and whistles", made on the basis of technical and color solutions used in PREMIUM series. The philosophy of the series is a reasonable economy with unchanged quality.
Standard Series
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