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Siding Premium Series, WOODEN BEAM, ice cream

Working dimensions
3600×300 mm
Working area
1.08 m2
1.1 mm
Quantity in box
16 pc
Box weight
38 kg
Packing size
3626х353х136 mm
50 years of warranty for the lack of deformations
7 years of warranty for color stability
Anti-hurricane lock
Lack of deformation due to climatic and environmental factors

Panels withstand frost and heat. Operating temperature range −50 to +50 °С

Holds a punch

The plasticizers used in the composition give the siding elasticity. You can not be afraid of hail and lean a ladder or bicycle against the wall

Anti-hurricane lock

Anti-hurricane castle is the visiting card of Döcke siding. A special bend on the upper edge of the panel serves as an additional stiffener, increases the strength of the facade and provides silence even with strong winds

Easy installation

Installation of siding is similar to assembly of the constructor. The wall of a two-story house gathers in four hands in about 1-2 days

Easy care

Siding does not need to be painted and treated with protective compounds. You can wash off the dust with plain water from a hose

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