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Ceiling height
2.8 m
Ceiling opening
600×1200 mm
Size of hatch cover
550×1150 mm
Thermal insulation
20 mm
Box height
120 mm
Rung length
340 mm
Rung width
70 mm
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Quick Access to Your Attic

STANDARD is a classic attic ladder for country houses. Simple and reliable design can be easily mounted in the roof opening and ensures your safety whenever you go upstairs.

An easy-to-use mechanism allows to fold and unfold the ladder literally with two manipulations.

Three folding sections are connected with a metal fitting and can withstand up to 170 kg.

The contoured surface of the wooden rungs prevent slipping, and the side rail (optional) helps maintain the balance when you carry your seasonal tools or boxes with your belongings to your attic.

The hatch cover insulated with 30 mm polystyrene foam and the box with a thermal insulation circuit keep the habitable rooms warm and block the cold air coming from the unheated attic.

Easy in use

11 rungs are located that way which makes climbing up or down the ladder easy, even when your hands are busy.

Long lifespan

The manhole cover is framed with metal corners, which increase the structural rigidity of the ladder and prevent it from warping. The thickness of the steps is increased to 22 mm.

Fits into any interior

Wood and a white hatch allows the staircase to fit into any interior. When folded, the staircase does not take any space, and the manhole cover becomes almost invisible.

Easy to install

Installation of the ladder does not require nor professional skills nor any expensive tools. Extra useful accessories can be purchased later on.

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