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Facade Panels

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The STEIN collection imitates the texture of a layered sandstone and creates the impression of a natural masonry. 7 colors and a unique structure of the STEIN collection are suitable for any country house. The deepenengs are painted in the tone of the main panel.
The BURG collection imitates the look of Jurassic marble and has a stone texture with a clear geometry. A range of 10 natural stone colors allows you to create a unique facade of the house. Optionally panels with contrasting deepenings and painted in the color of the panel.
The FLEMISH collection imitates Flemish brickwork made of smooth bricks. This type of brickwork looks classy and individual. Accent white mortar joints will add color and contrast to the overal look. A special «burnt» effect makes the color of the panels as close as possible to a natural smooth brick. The collection includes 4 colors.
Berg collection imitates a handcrafted bricks in an old brickwork. The collection includes 5 classic and familiar colors. Texture, gradients and contrast stained mortar joints makes this this panel looks as close as possible to natural material.
The FELS collection imitates a «wild» hewn stone. This collection includes 6 colors in the most popular shades. A large stone, taken as the basis of this panel, will give the house a volume. The deepenengs are painted in the tone of the main panel.
The STERN collection imitates a crushed sandstone of different sizes. The color scheme of 6 has a special overflow, which gives the panels maximum compliance with natural stone masonry.
The SLATE collection imitates natural slate stone, which was always actively used as a material for decoration purposies. It has a beautiful layered structure from a set of plates, combined together on a single SLATE panel. The collection includes 5 colors. Such panels will look very impressive on any building.
The KLINKER collection imitates the narrow clinker latch brick. This type of finishing material is popular throughout the world for many years. The collection includes 6 colors, each of which has several additional gradient effects.
Collection EDEL belongs to the class of socle panels, which are used for finishing the socle of the building. Have a lightweight sandstone structure. The panels are made in 4 colors.
Siding goes well together with facade panels. Use panels on the socle and corners of the house, and siding on the walls
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