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LUX series is a perfect match of quality and design. The technology of deep offset printing on the hot surface allows to reproduce the exact texture of natural wood. Centre-vented soffits provide exellent ventillation of the roof void and acomplish the finishing of the roofing in style.
Lux series
Use PREMIUM series soffits for finishing roof cornices and ventillation of the roof void. Series includes solid, centre-vented and ful-vented soffits. Wide range of colors allows to choose soffits suitable for siding or for bitumen shingles from Docke collections easilly.
Premium series
STANDARD — is a utility series of soffits for finishing of cornices, slopes and frontons of the roof, ceilings of the outdoor terraces and garden houses. Solid and vented soffits are presented in 2 essential colors for each form.
Standard series
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