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Docke - stylish, high-quality, affordable solutions for exterior decoration according to high international standards.

Docke quality

We produce in Russia according to European quality standards. Winners of the international quality award European Standard.
Our own production
We produce materials for residental housing construction at three production sites with a total area of 20 hectares. We do not economize on the quality of raw materials and invest into development of the production. The factories are equipped with the machinery from world‘s leading manufacturers and use exclusive high-quality raw materials, components and dyes.
Long warranty period
Döcke siding and facade panels are guaranteed against deformation for up to 50 years. And warranty for the laminated shingles comes up to 65 years.
Patented technologies

The unique patented panel fastening system (patent No. 148984) "swallow’s tail" allows you to fasten the panels quickly and reliably to the facade and evenly split the load at the heading joint of the facade panels. Special thermal petals around the perimeter create a gap that compensates for thermal expansion. All this will make your facade reliable and durable.

Döcke façade shingles use a patented, improved “bituminous adhesive lock”, a welding bond, which ensures that the petals are firmly bonded.

Gutters use unique patented installation stops (patent for invention No. 2439259), as well as a universal clamp that allows you to fasten both the pipe and fittings (patent for invention No. 2413895).

Wide network of dealers
  • More than 20 official representative offices in key regions of Russia.
  • More than 300 representative offices of official distributors.
  • More than 2000 points of sale of official dealers.


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