Bitumen Shingles

Multilayer laminated shingles DRAGON LUX are made of SBS-modified bitumen, which provides increased durability and sustainability of the shingle. This is why the warranty for this series is 65 years.
Dragon Lux Series
Multilayer laminated shingles DRAGON PREMIUM are made of SBS-modified bitumen, have 8 different colors, decorative basalt dressing and have unique and unmatched form of a shingle, which creates beautiful and nonrecurrent pattern on the roof slope.
Dragon Premium Series
The pattern on the multilayer laminated shingles DRAGON STANDARD looks abstract so you don't need to align shingles vertically.
Dragon Standard Series
The pattern of laminated shingles DRAGON EUROPA looks abstract, so you don't have to align shingles vertically.
Dragon Europa Series

Bitumen Shingles

The PREMIUM series is made of SBS-modified bitumen that makes the shingles more reliable and durable. Therefore, the warranty for this series is 50 years. The PREMIUM series offers the widest selection of colours and shapes, including unique and patented.
Premium series
The STANDARD series is made of oxidised bitumen and has a 30-years warranty. This series includes classic shapes and basic colour schemes, and a reliable bitumen shingle welding – exactly what you need to lay the shingles on your house. Shingles with a patented gluing system can be easily mounted on the roof slopes of any configuration or complexity.
Standard series
EUROPA is a series of soft oxidised bitumen roof inspired by the architecture of the Western Europe. Conventional shingle shapes and natural colours fit most roof types. Decorative roofing granuels made of a combination of basalt and anthracite is bake-painted that makes the inexpensive soft roof the maximum resistance to sunlight and atmospheric precipitation. The warranty for the EUROPA series is 20 years.
Europa series
EURASIA is a series of bitumen shingles made of oxidized bitumen. Traditional cutting of the shingles and natural colors of the collections are suitable for the most of the roofings. Decorative dressing made of basalt and antracite mix is colored by the baking method, due to render the budget-oriented roofing top with maximum stability to sun rays and precipitation.
Eurasia series
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