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Rain gutter systems PREMIUM STAL SERIES, chocolate ral 8019

Pipe diameter
90 mm
Gutter diameter
125 mm
Gutter depth
84 mm
Wall thickness
0.68 mm

Metal Rain Gutter System Dӧcke STAL PREMIUM is a prefabricated structure, designed for draining and collecting of rain water and snowmelt from the roof of the building.


Metal Rain Gutter System Dӧcke STAL is fabricated of cold-rolled and hot dip galvanized steel with polymeric cover.


To protect metal from corrosion we use a layer of zinc of a weight of 275 grams on a square meter. The zinc layer passivates the steel and prevents it’s oxidation.


Polymeric coating defends zinc from decay and gives color to the rain gutter system. In Dӧcke STAL System we use polyurethane, laid upon the steel from both sides, as a polymer. Polyurethane cover is resistant to UV-rays, has increased durability and plasticity.

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