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Facade shingles PREMIUM, BRICK, strawberry

Фасадная плитка - Series Premium - Сollection BRICK - Strawberry
Shingle thickness
3 mm

Sticks tightly

Theimprovedadhesivesystem “Bitumen Welding Adhesive Lock” was invented and developed by the DöckeCompany in 2013.Patent for invention of Bitumen Shingles Welding No. 154293.

Produced from SBS-modified bitumen

TheDöcke PREMIUMFacade bitumen shinglesareproducedfromtheSBSmodifiedbitumen,thushasthebestresilienceovertheweatherfactorsinfluence, higherendurancetocold,hasbetterresistancetocrackingand distortion both in the cold and hot climate,has a shock tolerance, i.e. an ability to stand hurricanes, gale, and nibs of birds.

Long lifetime

Thewarrantyperiodforthe Döcke PREMIUM Facade bitumen shinglesseries is 30 years.

Requires no repair

TheDöcke PREMIUMFacade bitumen shingleshasfeaturesofself-curing, i.e. self-recovery. Anysmallmechanicaldamagesof the shingle are self-recovered.

No fading

Thestone granulesarecoloredwithafiringmethod and practically faces no color change during the operation process.

Honorable outlook

Slagisnotusedinthegranules– only pure basalt, so the facade gives no cheap brightness in the sun.

Sold in cardboard boxes of 20 pieces / Gross weight: 24.2 kg / Package size: 1000×250×60 mm
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