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Виниловый сайдинг - LUX SERIES - Lux D6S - D6S Cedar
Working dimensions
3600×300 mm
Working area
1.08 m2
1.2 mm

Döcke Anti-Hurricane Lock creates comfort and simplifies the installation process

Anti-Storm Lock is an icon of Döcke siding. This is a special bend on the upper edge of the siding panels that provides an additional reinforcement bar, improves the strength of the faсade and eliminates the "rustling sound" under conditions of high wind load which makes living in a home more comfortable. The lock's design also allows to significantly simplify and speed up the siding installation process.

Döcke – no cutting corners

The Döcke trademark is owned by D.Ӧ.C.K.E. Systemlӧsungen GmbH, Berlin, Germany. The DÖCKE production facilities utilise a quality management system meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and IQNet. The production facilities are equipped with the equipment of the world's leading manufacturers, such as Reimelt Henschel MischSysteme, Krauss-Maffei Kunststofftechnik, Theysohn Extrusion, ENGEL Austria GmbH. The products are produced using only high-quality materials of the world's best producers, such as Lechler, Renner, Master Tec, Reagens, Arcema, Dow, DuPont, Baerlocher.

Döcke – the widest selection of siding types and shapes

Apart from the most popular siding shapes, such as "shipboard" and "blockhouse", Döcke also offers "wooden beam" and "horizontal" that no other Russian producer can offer. Such a variety allows the buyer to make the most audacious creative ideas come true.

Döcke – the most popular and the best selling

Each five minutes another country house is being panelled with the DÖCKE siding, and there are more than one million such houses. Döcke is a leader on the Russian vinyl siding market for a reason. Over the years of its existence, it has justifiably won many high-class international and national prizes and awards, sych as Brand of the Year/EFFIE, Narodnaya Marka, Company of the Year, European Standard, 100 Best Goods of Russia.

Döcke – the widest selection of accessories

The Döcke siding offers the widest selection of accessories. It allows to combine various shapes and colours of siding, elegantly design the window and door openings, significantly simplify the installation process and ensure long service life of the siding.

Döcke is "delicious" and beautiful

The DÖCKE range of products has several dozens of various colour schemes. The DÖCKE colours are called "the most delicious" on the market for a reason, because you can taste the flavour of the colour in its name: banana, peach, cream, kiwi, ice cream, halva, pistachio and other. Those "delicious" colours of DÖCKE will make your home seductively distinctive!

Döcke is a real warranty for any climatic zone

Döcke does not simply declare that it has a warranty. It really gives the warranty certificates to its buyers. The warranty conditions apply in any climatic zone as opposed to many other manufacturers. The warranty period is 50 years for any defects caused by climatic factors and up to 10 years for colour stability, depending on the product line. The Döcke warranty makes you feel confident that the product is of high quality and that each customer will be taken care of.


General installation rule: 1 wall = 1 batch

Sold in cardboard boxes of 16 pieces / Gross weight: 38.68 kg / Package size: 3626 × 353 × 136 mm

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