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Виниловый сайдинг - LUX SERIES - Bergart - Pekan
Working dimensions
1809×285 mm
Working area
0.52 m2
1.2 mm

Docke - the most known and purchased

Every five minutes in Russia one more house is faced with Döcke siding, and there are over a million of such houses already. No wonder Döcke is a leading trademark in the Russian market of vinyl siding. For several years of work, it deservingly and repeatedly became a winner and awardee of prestigious international and domestic awards: «Brand of the year/EFFIE», «People’s trade mark», «Company of the year», «European standard», «Hundred best products of Russia».

Döcke - simplicity and ease of installation

The construct of Döcke BERGART siding is thought out to the last detail. You won't have to vaste time to match the panels or drag them between each other.The locks of Döcke siding are easilly clipped. It allows to ease the installation process to compare to analogues of other manufacturers.

Döcke - sustainability and durability

Due to the absence of through holes Döcke siding surely defends the facade from moisture and from further decay

Döcke does not scrimp on quality

Döcke trademark belongs to the «D.O.C.K.E. Systemlösungen GmbH» Company, Berlin, Germany. At Döcke factory the ISO 9001:2008 and IQNet quality management systems are implemented. Production facilities are fitted with the equipment from such world leading manufacturers as Reimelt Henschel Misch Systeme, Krauss-Maffei Kunststofftechnik, Theysohn Extrusion, ENGEL Austria GmbH. Only the high-quality raw materials by the world’s best manufacturers, such as Lechler, Renner, Master Tec, Reagens, Arcema, Dow, DuPont, Baerlocher are used for the production of the goods.


Döcke does not just declare availability of warranty, but actually provides its customers with the company’s warranty certificate. Döcke‘s warranty conditions are valid in any climate zone, unlike many other manufacturers. The warranty period is 50 years for the lack of deformations due to the impact of climatic factors and up to 7 years for fading resistance of color, depending on the series. Döcke’s warranty is a base of confidence in its quality and care for every customer.


General installation rule: 1 wall = 1 batch

Sold in cardboard boxes of 14 pieces / Gross weight: 18,9 лп / Package size: 1926×318×358 mm
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