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Facade panel FELS, pearl

Фасадные панели - FELS - Nacreous
Фасадные панели - FELS - Nacreous - 2
Working length
1052 mm
Working width
425 mm
Working area
0.45 m2
Working angle length
425 mm

Stone look

Fels collection follows the texture of a rock stone and look like natural masonry


General installation rule: 1 wall = 1 batch

Long serve

The panels are made of polymers by injection molding and are reinforced with stiffening ribs. This gives them increased strength and a 50 year life span.

Easy to install

The installation of facade panels is similar to the assembly of the designer. To work, you do not need glue or cement - the panels are mounted on the crate

Do not fade

The panels are immune to UV rays and precipitation. Warranty on color stability - 5 years

No maintenance required

The panels do not need to be painted and treated with protective compounds. Dust is flushed with ordinary water from a hose

Sold in cardboard boxes of 10 pieces / Gross weight: 21.2 kg / Package size: 1186 × 480 × 321 mm

Corner elements used to close the rough edge of the side panel making the final look more natural. Don`t forget about the mounting accessories
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