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Bitumen shingles PREMIUM SERIES, SHEFFIELD, Chestnut

Гибкая черепица - PREMIUM SERIES - SHEFFIELD - Chestnut
Shingle thickness
3.1 mm
Basalt granules

Premium Not in need of repair

Because of the plastic base, small mechanical damage - from bird beaks or hailstones - is pulled by itself

It looks decent

Slag is not used in the sprinkling - only pure basalt. Therefore, tiles do not give cheap shine in the sun

Made from SBS-modified bitumen

SBS-modified bitumen at the base gives the tile a particularly high plasticity. Therefore, it does not crack in the cold and does not warp in hot weather. In addition, it is convenient to bend when installing curved sections of the roof

Long serve

Tensile strength, resistance to UV radiation and the flexibility of the bitumen base comply with GOST 32806–2014. The warranty on flexible tiles of the Premium series is 50 years (Standard - 30, Europa - 20)

Glued firmly

The patented bituminous shingle welding has increased bonding strength. Adhesive surfaces form a single molecular system - as in metal welding

Does not fade

The sprinkle is painted using the firing method and practically does not change color during operation

Number of sheets in a bundle, pcs - 22
Net weight of one bundle, kg - 28,2
Bundles on a pallet, pcs - 42
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